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Special Coil Winding


Our special coil division has been built up over a number of years, and can offer a range of facilities and expertise in the manufacture of coils for the medical industry and other diverse applications such as:

  • Vacuum resin encapsulated coils, required for waterproofing and heat transfer applications.

  • Medium frquency, water cooled coils, used for induction heating and induction melting furnaces.

  • Coils for water cooled high frequency furnaces. (More)

  • Special kidney shaped coils for spectrum analysers. (More)

  • Copper coils containerised for use with water cooled dynamoeters. (More)

  • Litz wound Flywheel stators (used in the power generation industry). (More)

  • Resin cast motor generator field coils (used on locomotives). (More)
A large water cooled magnet.


Our facilities include vacuum/pressure impregnation equipment, meter mix and dispense equipment for epoxy and polyurethane resin systems, autoclaves up to one metre in diameter and vertical, horizontal and torroidal winding machines plus extensive high and low voltage test facilities.


In short we have the experience and capacity to manufacture many unique electro-magnetic applications and have been heavily involved in helping to develop some of the equipment previously mentioned. Please contact us for a quote on your specialist requirement.



We are approved suppliers to:

  • Dorlec Ltd

  • Siemens plc

  • EPMS 2010 Ltd

  • GE Medical Ltd


We pride ourselves on personal service and customer care. So if you have any queries not answered by the web-site, then give us a call or drop us an email.




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