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Environmental Policy




Transmag will always endeavour to conduct its business in such a way as to minimise its impact on the environment.  To achieve this, Transmag will:


-  always design its products to minimise the use of materials whilst ensuring that specification and service life requirements
are met.


-   aim to minimise energy consumption during manufacture by following industry best practice (as far as possible within the
limitations imposed by current plant and equipment).


-   endeavour to conserve energy consumption at all times by implementing appropriate policies within the company.

-   recycle as much scrap/waste material as possible.  When disposal is the only available alternative, it will always be
through appropriate and reputable contractors.


-   use recycled materials or materials with a recycled content in our products and processes where it practicable to do
so without compromising product quality.


-   ensure that all plant and equipment, including company vehicles, are properly maintained so as to optimise energy


-   take into account all relevant environmental issues when investing in new plant or equipment.


Controlled by Transmag as part of its Environmental Policy


Fork Lift Trucks -   Use of electricity or LPG

Energy Efficiency-   Low energy lights used in works and offices
We operate our resin casting process at minimum effective temperatures compatible
with quality and throughput.                                                   
Heating systems are controlled by timers and thermostats to minimise wastage.


Computers -   EPA compliant

Recycled materials -   Aluminium
Waste transformer insulation
Computer printer cartridges
Waste paper


All of which will be recycled either by approved bodies or through reputable companies
with approved recycling processes.

Controlled waste -   Waste oil, resin, paints, solvents etc. that cannot be recycled will be disposed of at
approved and registered sites by licensed waste contractors.


Contamination -   In the event of spillage within our works, we will endeavour to prevent any contamination
of the ground water system by the correct use of commercially available absorbents,
followed by appropriate disposal of the resulting contaminated materials.


Training -   Staff and management will be made aware of the need to maintain and implement
environmental policies within Transmag (UK) Limited.


Maintenance of equipment -   Transmag uses and maintains its equipment in such a way as to minimise the use of
energy and other resources.


Transport/company vehicles -   Transmag will seek to minimise the impact of its vehicles on the roads by optimising
loads and routes. Use of groupage on long haul routes is a part of company policy
to reduce distance travelled by empty vehicles.


Packaging -   Goods supplied by Transmag will be packed in a way so as to be appropriate to
the customer’s needs whilst minimising the packaging materials used.


Packaging on items supplied to our works is returned, reused or recycled wherever possible.
Only as a last resort is packaging material disposed of in the waste stream.




The ROHS Directive (2002/95/EC)
Restriction of certain hazardous substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment


Equipment manufactured by Transmag (UK) Limited can be categorised as fixed electrical equipment used in power generation and transmission and therefore exempt from the ROHS Directive. The company has taken the strategic decision that we will nevertheless meet the requirements of the Directive as far as it is possible to do so. It comes into force on 1st July 2006 and by that date we intend to be fully compliant.


The materials that ROHS restricts are:-


Lead: our primary use of lead is in solders. We intend to move to lead-free solders as soon as possible.


Cadmium: we do not use any cadmium based products and will be seeking confirmation from our suppliers that nothing they supply to us contains any traces of cadmium.


Mercury: Transmag does not use any mercury based materials and again our suppliers will be asked to confirm that any products they supply are mercury free.


Hexavalent Chromium: Transmag has made a strategic decision to move away from chromium passivated components and assemblies in our products. To this end we will replace all fittings and fastenings previously supplied as mild steel, chrome passivated, black etc. with stainless steel wherever possible. Only where no alternative is available or chrome passivated materials are specified by our customers will they continue to be used and in these instances we will endeavour to ensure that trivalent chrome treatments are used.


PBB & PBDE:  these are used primarily as flame retardants in plastics i.e. cable coverings. We do not use flame retardant cables unless requested to do so by our customers and in this event we will use ROHS compliant materials unless otherwise specified. 


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